Pet Treat Catapult Launcher

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The best way to get your pet to exercise while you can have fun!

We all love our pets and sometimes will try anything new to get them excited when they see you. The Pet Treat Catapult Launcher will be one of those things that you can consider trying to get them respond to you. The idea is simple, you put the pet treats into the launcher, pull the trigger and watch them fly off. Your pet at the same time will be running off to catch the treats that you have just catapulted off. Now everyone can truly have fun while you can get your pets to workout for their treats.

Awesome facts about the Pet Treat Catapult Launcher:

  • The launcher comes with a see-through cap for you to see how much more treats you have in the launcher. Just pull the trigger and the treat will be launched out.

  • Product made with non-toxic plastic material to prevent any contamination with the pet treats that you will be putting in.

  • This is a good product to encourage your pet to exercise, plus they will also learn that the device is only used when are being rewarded with treats.

  • Treats may be ejected out at different distance depending on the size of the food & other environmental factor.


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Package includes  : 1x Pet Treat Catapult Launcher
Material                  : Non-toxic ABS Plastic
Color                      : Red, Green or Blue (Will be given at random color)
Dimension              : 19cm x 11cm x 3 cm
Weight                    : 160 grams