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Phone Screen Magnifier Tool

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Phone Screen Magnifier Tool 


Make Your Phone A TV In An Instant! 

Watching movies on your phone is only fun for the first few minutes. It’s hard to hold the phone and watching from the small screen. After some time, your hands and eyes begin to strain, and eventually, you have to rest. Well now, you can say goodbye to arm & eye strain with this Phone Screen Magnifier Tool and enjoy a bigger and clearer screen for a better viewing experience. 

Benefits & Features: 

Watch Movies & Videos Like Never Before. The screen magnifier works just like a phone projector. It effectively doubles the size of your screen so you can enjoy movies and videos on your smartphone to the fullest in HD. 


Wide-Compatibility. Designed to fit most smartphones. Whether you are for iPhone or an Android phone, the projector screen of the magnifying glass can be used with your device. 


Fast & Easy To Use. No complicated instructions to follow. Simply place your phone on the stand, pull of the magnifier and it's good to go. No need to plug it in or use electricity to operate. Raise frame adjustable angle of view. 


High-Quality Materials: Made of ABS plastic and Fresnel mirror. Its strong and durable and allows an even higher definition.  Non-slip silicone pad protects and stabilizes the phone. 

Lightweight & Portable. Built to be lightweight and portable, so you can easily take it anywhere you go. Perfect for camping, hiking or traveling. 


Product Specifications: 

Material: ABS plastic + Phoenix lens 
Magnification: 3-4 times 
Functions: Amplification, eye protection, radiation protection, stand holder 
Product size: 260mm x 175mm x 10mm/10.23*6.88*0.39'' 
Color: Black, White, Red 

Package Inclusions: 

1x Phone Screen Magnifier Tool