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Plant Reflective Solar Film Cover

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Proper lighting is essential to ensure your plants grow bigger and healthier.  If you have a greenhouse, indoor garden, or grow room, installing a Plant Reflective Film Solar Cover will help evenly distribute light to your plants. This reflective film bounces off heat and light from the sun or your grow room light to your plants for better growing results.

Features and benefits:

  • Increase yields. This reflective film transmits light from the sun or grow room light to your plants. This ensures that light and heat are properly distributed to all your plants. Doing this will increase photosynthesis,  thereby increasing yields in the process.
  • Easy to install. It’s very easy to set up. You can simply lay it on floors or hang it on your walls and ceilings. If you have a special enclosure for your plants, you can cover it with this reflective film too.
  • Trimmable. This reflective film can be cut to different sizes to properly fit different spaces. When not in use, it also can be folded for convenient storage.
  • Safe material. Made from PETP(polyethylene glycol terephthalate) film, it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, and plant safe. It's PET-coated to protect against corrosion and wear.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Plant Reflective Film Solar Cover
Material: PETP(polyethylene glycol terephthalate) Film
Size: approx. 210 x 120 cm/ 82.68 x 47.24 inches
Color: Silver



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