Portable Electric Nail Sander

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The perfect tool to smooth out nails & even small projects!

Electric sanding tools are always too big & expensive to be used for excellent nail jobs or small sanding projects such as model figure or even RC construction. Then again, we have the good old manual filer that needs way too much work to get them right. In order to balance between price, automation & portability, we came up with the ultimate solution, the Portable Electric Nail Sander. This product is small but powerful enough to be used for your perfect manicure & pedicure experience! You can go creative & even use this tool on small DIY projects to get the perfect filing on small projects, especially when you require precise accuracy on tiny gaps.

What do you need to know about the Portable Electric Nail Sander?

  • Product comes with 5 different polishing heads for different purpose & usage.

  • The Diamond Cone - Removes dead skins and calluses.

  • The Grinding Barrel - Flatten + smooth extra thick nails & rippled surfaces.

  • The Soft Felt Cone - Polishes nails, push back cuticles & stimulate nail for increased nail growth.

  • The Small Grinding Cone - Carves into corners or hard to reach spots

  • The Flat Emery Head - Shapes nails and finishes them to a smooth gentle edge.

  • The motor for the sander requires only 2x AA battery (not included) but is powerful enough to generate 12,000 rpm.

  • Product overall length is only 16 cm long while weighing only 57 grams! It could fit right in your pocket or anywhere else.

(Note: While it is possible to use this powerful enough to trim and shape hard acrylics objects, we do not recommend to use this product purely for heavy duty sanding projects.)


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Package includes : 1x Portable Electric Nail Sander + 5 Polishing Heads
Length                   : 16cm
Battery                  : 2x AA Battery(not included)
Speed                    : 12000rpm
Weight                   : 57gram