Portable LED Solar Lamp Camp

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The lamp that harness the power of the sun for a bright night

Having no or dead battery in the middle of nowhere could be very scary experience. With no one to contact or emergency backup, it could turn into a dangerous situation for everyone. Luckily, this can now be prevented with the Portable LED Solar Lamp Camp. This product is engineered to generate energy via solar power which is then collected from the solar panel & stored into a lithium battery. This could then be used to power-up the LED light or even be used as a battery bank to charge your electric device!

Product specification about the Portable LED Solar Lamp Camp:

  • Product could be flattened down to save space when not in use thanks to the flexible lampshade design, making it very small & convenient to be carried around. Product will become flashlight if turned on without stretching out the lampshade.

  • The lamp comes in 3 different light mode, low or high lighting & even SOS flashing for emergency purpose.

  • Product comes with a built-in lithium battery with 800mAh storage capacity to charge most of your electronic device.

  • Lamp comes with a hanging handle to hook onto anything above for hands-free convenience.


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Package includes  : 1x Portable LED Solar Lamp Camp + Micro Usb cable
Color                      : Green
Materials                : Abs Plastic
Dimension              : 84mm x 126mm (stretched) 84mm x 49mm (flattened)