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Fly your epic paper plane adventure into a whole new level!

Who does not like to fold and play with paper planes when they are kids? As nostalgic as the question sounds, this is an actual conversion kit for paper planes to fly the extra mile, suitable for all the kids out there (Also applicable to adults that is still a kid inside). The idea is rather simple, fold a paper plane, attach the kit to the nose of the plane and let it airborne across a spacious area for more than a few hundred feet. Now everyone can learn the art of flight without significant damage or loss. (It's not like paper planes cost you an arm or a leg anyway 😂)

Additional details about the Paper Airplane Conversion kit

  • Enjoy the true Free Flight experience with just 10-20 seconds charge from the motor. (Need x3 AA battery, not included)
  • Product comes with an extra propeller in case the original one is missing or broken.
  • Comes with an instruction guide on folding the best paper plane for greater outcome.
  • The product is compatible with any of your own paper material or folding design.

(NOTE: Your paper plane needs to be in a flyable condition before attaching the airplane conversation kit, otherwise it will not work. We recommend you to play around outdoors or open-field for the best experience. DO NOT play indoors or places with tight spaces to prevent any accidental damage to the product)

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Charging Time            : Around 10-20 seconds.
Battery                        : 3x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Color                           : Black + Red
Shell material              : Plastic
Aircraft frame length   : About 19.5cm
Aircraft Blade length    : About 4cm
Package Size              : 27*11.5*3.5cm