Retro Mixtape Carpet

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Get one of these and time to party like it was back 1998!

If you are a fan of classic magnetic tape designs or even a fan of Guardian of the Galaxy, then you are in for a treat! Our Retro Mixtape Carpet is here to keep you from slipping on slippery surface while looking groovy, an excellent collection for your house!

Product feature about the Retro Mixtape Carpet:

  • Good Decoration – Place them in any part of your house for a classy makeover.

  • Works Anywhere – Put them at any entrance for you & your guest to wipe their feet.

  • Anti-Slip – A strong grip to prevent you from slipping off along with the carpet.

  • Polyester – Product is made of polyester, making it an excellent water repellent.

  • Easy to Clean – It is machine washable so you don’t have to hand-wash this.


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Package includes  : 1x Retro Mixtape Carpet
Designs                  : 4 Different Designs
Material                   : Polyester
Dimension               : 40cm x 60cm