Sand-Away Magic Mat

Sky Blue
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The perfect outdoor mat that keeps sand, dust or water away from you

We all love picnicking, camping or hanging out around the beach but does the debris always get onto your mats? It’s a mess especially if you are going to sit on the rug with those mess around you. It’s not acceptable at all & thus the Sand-Away Magic Mat can make any type of sand disappear before your very eyes!

Interesting product feature about the Sand-Away Magic Mat:

  • Sand & Moist proof – No more sitting on random debris on our mat or getting your bum wet from water exposure on our mats!

  • Large but portable – The mat is made to cater you as much space as possible which is why we have this in 200cm x 150cm long. It is also very much foldable or rollable so you pack & keep them in your bag when not in use.

  • Built to last – Made with PVC, our mat is made with specially woven polyurethane that instantly filters sand & water back to the ground the moment they touch the mat.

  • Going out is fun again – This mat is a good way to advocate people to go out and enjoy the outdoors more. No longer do we need to worry about resting on dirty grounds.

(Note: Product is made of PVC material which is not as soft as your regular cotton beach mats)

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Package includes       : 1x Sand-Away Magic Mat
Color                           : Green, Pink or Sky Blue
Material                       : Woven Polyurethane PVC
Dimension                   : 200cm x 150cm