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The brush cleaner that all YouTuber & Instagrammer is talking about!

You know what is harder than getting the perfect brush for an awesome makeup experience? That’s right, cleaning up all the mess after a day’s hard work. Keeping your expensive brushes in mint condition after each usage is never easy! This is why we are bringing you the Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner. Designed to be portable while have 2 different types of texture on the surface, you can just rinse your brush with water against the cleaner to minimize any potential damages that may incur to your precious brushes.

Why do you need the Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner?:

  • Product comes with 11 different vibrant colors to fit your style & persona. (we know it’s important for you to have a matching color set).

  • Product is designed to look like an egg so you could insert 2 of your fingers into the cleaner while scrubbing your makeup brush gently against them.

  • Less spending, more saving! The brush cleaner is made of high quality silicone to increase durability so it can last for a very long time.

  • Made to be small and portable so you can carry it around with you anywhere, anytime! Also washable with shampoo or body wash for effective cleaning.

(Note: We are selling one piece for each purchase of the Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner. Our gallery is showcasing the front & back of each product, not two pieces.)


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Package includes : 1x Silicone Egg Brush Cleaner
Material                 : Silicone
Color                     : 11 colors (Refer to gallery above)