Single Tap Jar Opener

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Let our jar opener do the job for you while you enjoy the goodies!

We all love our pickled fruits, peanut butter & mayonnaise but what do they have in common? That’s right, super tight jar lids that would deny us from having the tasty treat. Don’t bother fighting them because it’s not worth hurting yourself over a snack. Instead, you can use our Single Tap Jar Opener instead! As the name implies, all it takes to open all your tough jars & cans is just a tap from our device and you are good to. Now even your elderly parents or young kids can get their favorite jar food opened up without needing to toughen themselves up at the gym!

Product features about the Single Tap Jar Opener:

  • Product is designed to grip & open onto any jars that is proven to be too tough to get opened up thanks to their high torque motor (exceeding 25 pounds of force).

  • Just place the opener on the jar, tap on the power button and our product will do the rest. Fun fact: You don’t even need to hold onto the jar or our opener as the motor will rotate around the jar automatically for you. You just enjoy your meal.

  • Product requires 2x AA batteries (not included) to work. Product is designed to be small enough to fit in your kitchen drawer but powerful enough any lids from 1.2 to 4 inches.

  • NO MORE painful wrestling, twisting or pulling from trying to open those stubborn jar lids.

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Package includes    : 1x Single Tap Jar Opener
Material                    : ABS Plastic
Color                        : White
Dimension                : 19.6cm x 6.7cm x 8.6cm