Slim Sport Waist Pocket

Blue Color
Green Color
Pink Color
Purple Color
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Waist pocket does not have to be ugly and hideous, stay fashionable!

Going out for some exercise? Most of our workout attire does not comes with any pockets or any slots for your phone, spare change, or even your keys. For those outdoor enthusiast, we would recommend you our stylish Slim Sport Waist Pocket for all your storage needs.

Product feature about the Slim Sport Waist Pocket:

  • 5 Vibrant Color – Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Purple or Pink.

  • One Size Fits All– Fit any smart device up to 6 inches easily.

  • Waterproof – Keeps sweat and rain away from your precious items.

  • Slim Build – So compact that you won’t realize it’s there with you.

  • Great for Outdoor – Jogging, hiking,camping & even mountain climbing.


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Package includes    : 1x Slim Sport Waist Pocket
Color                         : Light Blue/Dark Blue/Green/Purple/Pink
Material                     : Lycra + ABS
Dimension                 : 45cm