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Solar-Powered Portable Clip-on Fan

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Hot days ever make you wish you could just bring your fan with you outdoors? Make it so with the Solar-Powered Portable Clip-on Fan! It clips right onto your hat, cap, or anywhere else, cooling you down no matter how hot the day.

Features and benefits:

  • Solar-powered. The panel up on top soaks in the sun's rays, keeping your fan powered without needing a charger or batteries. The fan's intensity automatically adjusts to suit you- the brighter the sun, the faster the fan.
  • Clip-on functionality. Its light-weight, clip-on design lets you attach it to your cap, visor, hat, etc. for hands-free cooling. Or you can even just hold it in your hand. 
  • Great for the outdoors. It's great for making work bearable and leisure even more enjoyable. Bring it with you to camping, fishing, ball games, traveling, climbing, playing outdoor sports, festivals, to work, etc.


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Solar-Powered Portable Clip-on Fan
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: Plastic
    Color: Black
    Shape: Round/Square (Optional) 
    Size (Approx.): [Fan cover size: 75×75mm/2.95×2.95in] [Blade: 65mm/2.56in] [Round solar panel diameter: 65mm/2.56in] [Square solar panel size: 60×55mm/2.36×2.17in]
    Retail package: No

    Note: Solar panel only works under direct sunlight. 

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