Stretch Fresh (4pcs)

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Made to fit any types of containers regardless of their shapes & sizes!  

Do you have problems when you need to store your food & keeping them fresh? Well, you’re not alone because nobody wants to dispose their food but everybody wants to keep them fresh. Now you can use Stretch Fresh to keep anything you want without worrying about your food getting stale or soggy!

What makes Stretch Fresh the perfect food wrap for everyone?

  • Dishwasher & temperature safeStretch Fresh is can be used to keep food in freezer or even be reheated in a microwave without problems. Plus they are easy to clean & also dishwater friendly!

  • Durable & Stretchable – Our product is made to expand up to 3 times their regular size in order to fit any bowls or container you want to cover! They will return to their original size automatically once you remove them.

  • Reusable & Safe for food – Made with food & eco-friendly stretchable silicone, our product can be reused more than a few thousand times. This will save your hundreds of dollars from repeatedly buying those unsafe plastic wraps.

  • Air & liquid seal – Not only does our keeps an air tight seal on your container, even the liquids in your bowl will not be able to leak out, keeping them safe & sound!

(Note: Product requires you to seal your container entirely in order to be air & liquid tight.)


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Package includes      : 4x Stretch Fresh (1 small, 2 medium & 1 large)
Color                          : Translucent white
Material                      : Eco-friendly stretchable silicone
Dimension (Small)     : 9.5cm x 9.5cm
Dimension (Medium) : 14cm x 14cm
Dimension (Large)     : 19cm x 19cm