The Shower Paradise

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Enjoy your ultimate shower paradise that you always deserved

You are back from stressed work and the first thing you will always be looking forward to will be a relaxing bath to re-energize yourself from fatigue. However, most people will not be able to enjoy this due to the low water pressure at home which is common problem nowadays. The Shower Paradise is here to change that by giving you the high-water pressure shower that you always deserved after a long day’s work. Even with the same amount of water, the Shower Paradise can maximize the potential water output to reward you with the most amazing bath!

Why should you consider The Shower Paradise & not others?:

  • Accelerates water pressure by 200% even if you have low water pressure at home thanks to laser perforated holes technology! Higher water pressure = easier cleaning & relaxing water massage

  • Reduce water wastage up to 30% since it uses 1.45 GPM(gallons per minute) of water rather than standard 2.5GPM, saving you time and money from water bills.

  • Built-in chlorine + ionizer particle filter purifies your unfiltered water for a more hygienic cleaning. Also comes with bioactive stone that balance oil glands in your body for a smoother skin, now that's what I call the ultimate shower paradise!

  • 99% compatibility with your existing showerhead in your bathroom! Just twist out the old 2cm showerhead from your bathroom and tighten this back in & you are good to go!

  • Awesome transparent design that lets you see the water flow through the filtration process before reaching you. Also comes in 3 different spray mode.


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Package includes   : 1x Shower Paradise
Material                   : ABS eco-friendly plastic
Batteries required? : No