Transparent Waterproof Pouch

Sky Blue
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No waterproof smartphone? We can fix that for you 😎

Smartphones have been getting more advanced with every new release and not all of us could always fork out huge investments just to get smartphone device with waterproof feature. As gimmicky as it sounds, waterproofing your smartphone is actually rather useful if you love taking underwater images or even work in environment that is watery. Why spend hundreds of dollars fixing a phone that is damaged by water or even buying one with waterproof feature when you can just spend a few dollars for this Transparent Waterproof Pouch? In fact, you can just keep more than just smartphones in our pouch if you want to keep anything dry, be it wallet, watch or even jewelries.

Product features about the Transparent Waterproof Pouch:

  • The pouch is excellent for any smartphone device that is 6 inch and below. Device will be able to make/receive calls & take photo/videos underwater.

  • Product comes in 6 colors (Blue, Black, Sky Blue, Purple, Pink, White).

  • The pouch is certified waterproof with IPX-8 rating with depth up to 30 meter deep.

  • Excellent for water-related work & activities, product also comes with a lanyard to be hang around your neck for convenience.

(Warning: Double check by testing the pouch in water without any device in it first before actually using them. Users are recommended to keep the pouch lid facing downward when taking out the phone to avoid any water damage on your device.)


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Package includes : 1x Transparent Waterproof Pouch
Material                 : Pvc & Abs
Available colors    : Blue, Black, Sky Blue, Purple, Pink, White
Dimension             : 18cm x 10.5cm /7.5inch x 4inch