Tri-Spinner Fidget (Batarang)

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The ultimate focus solution for people with ADHD, anxiety and autism.

While this phenomenal product was meant for people as a focus tool, the Tri-Spinner Fidget toy is becoming a whole new pop culture for all fidgeters around the world! Introducing our limited Batarang edition, you can now own some of the rarest tri-spinner in the market right now!

Product feature about the Tri-Spinner Fidget (Batarang):

  • Batarang Spinner – An exclusive rare design made for all fidget enthusiast.

  • Premium Bearing – Professional steel design with reinforced premium bearing in the center to ensure the smoothest 2+ min rotation & consistency.

  • Stress Reliever – A good way to kill time. Perfect size for both adults and kids.

  • Focus Toy – Ideal for people to quit their bad habits & all types of attention issues.

 (Note: Do not drop the toy to the floor too often to prevent bearing from misaligning.)


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Package includes    : 1x Tri-Spinner Fidget (Batarang)
Color                         : Green/Yellow/Lime/Black/Blue/Red/White/Mix
Material                     : ABS plastic
Diameter                   : 3.1inches (7.8CM)
Thickness                 : 0.3inches (0.8CM)
Weight                       : 0.11 (90 grams)