Twisty Hair Braiding Tool

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Get professional quality hair braid designs completed in a flash!

If you have long wavy hair & enjoy tie them into different designs, the Twisty Hair Braiding Tool will be an excellent choice for you to carry along. The unique twisty fish bone shape makes an easy guide for you to adjust into any different braiding style you desire.  

Amazing features about our Twisty Hair Braiding Tool:

  • Timeless & limitless – Save the time taken from redoing hair braids & get even more than 1 way to get the perfect braid that you have seen on TV & magazine.

  • Works on Any Hair Type – Product works well on straight, fine, thick & even curly hair.

  • Safe & Tough Material – Product is made with eco-friendly & durable ABS plastic, comfortable enough to be wrapped around your hair all day long with no side effect.


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Package includes         : 1x Twisty Hair Braiding Tool
Color                             : Black
Material                         : ABS Plastic
Length                           : 8.7cm / 3.39inch