Vacuum Food Sealer Lids

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Leftovers going bad before you can get to them? Now you can keep food fresh for much longer with Vacuum Food Sealer Lids at your disposal! These smart lids fit over any bowl to keep freshness sealed in. It's airtight and reusable, so you will no longer have to buy environmentally-harmful plastic wrap and aluminum foil. 

Features and benefits:

  • Perfect freshness. It works by creating an airtight seal over your bowls, making sure nothing gets out or in. It features a ridged anti-skid design that makes it easy to open and hold. 
  • Easy to use. Simply pop one over your bowl, press the center down to push out extra air, and press the button on the frame to activate the airtight seal. Much quicker to use than standard wraps.
  • Flexible. It fits three standard bowl sizes, so you won't have to go out and buy more. It's fridge-friendly, so keeping food fresh is hassle-free. What's more, it can withstand temperatures of up to 230 degrees and is perfectly microwavable.


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (4) Vacuum Food Sealer Lids, 3 sizes
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: breathable TPU film+PP
    Color: White
    Biggest size: diameter of 27cm
    Middle size: diameter of 22cm
    Smallest size: diameter of 15cm
    Package size: 255*35*255mm