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Water Faucet Changing LED Glow

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This is the most unique kitchen tool you’ll ever see in the market today! It’s a standard faucet filter that releases colorful LED lights whenever water comes out. It turns on/off depending on water pressure. You also have 7 colors to choose from. It’s the most fantastic and creative way of having fun with washing dishes!
The Water Faucet Changing LED Glow gives you a unique experience. It brightens up bathrooms and kitchens with colorful waters. It even has a universal fit so you won’t need a particular faucet to get colorful water! The best part is – it does not use energy or electricity to work! It’s ultra-efficient, energy-saving, and durable. It doesn’t even rust out! Guests would definitely remember this about your home.

Technical specs about the Water Faucet Changing LED Glow:

  • Case Material: ABS LED emission
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Style: RC-F04 (Rainbow)
  • It charges its colors through time. It can change shades every 1 to 2 seconds of continued use.


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Product includes          : 1x Water Changing Faucet LED Glow

Package Weight          : 0.05 kg (0.11 lb.)

Package size               : 10 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm (3.94 in x 3.15 in x 2.76 in)