Waterproof Anti-Mildew & Anti-Moulding Sealing Tape

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Kitchen seams can be host to bacteria and are difficult to clean. The silicone holding your sink to your table goes black and mouldy after exposure to water. Enter the Waterproof Anti-Mildew & Anti-Moulding Sealing Tape! This handy kitchen tool waterproofs and mouldproofs gaps in between your sink and counters, or virtually anywhere you want to waterproof and protect from mildew and moulding.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy placement. All you have to do is dry and clean the area, typically a seam crossing, line it with the self-adhesive Waterproof Anti-Mildew & Anti-Moulding Sealing Tape, and cut to desired length.

  • Versatile. Place it along your kitchen gas stove, sinks, bathtub, or wall edge gaps. This is the easiest, prettiest way to keep your home safe and bacteria-free.
  • Easy to clean. The surface of the Waterproof Anti-Mildew & Anti-Moulding Sealing Tape is effortless to clean- simply scrub and rub away messes for a neat finish.


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Waterproof Anti-Mildew & Moulding Sealing Tape
    Material: PVC
    Sizes: [ 3cm, 260cm ] [ 3.6cm, 3cm ]
    Color: Blue, Pink, Green