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A spacious waist bag catered for extreme outdoor enthusiast

To those that enjoys spending their time outside with their activities but never seem to fancy carrying around a backpack, the Waterproof Outdoor Waist Bag may just be what you are looking for. Built to be light & compact while having multipurpose feature, the waist bag could store all your important items at one place without the hassle of carrying a bag. Gone are the days that you need to search through your bag pack entirely just for a pack of tissue paper or worst, stuffing everything in your pants & risk losing them along your journey. Some important items you can pack along in the waist bag includes car keys, smartphone, cigarettes, money & even important cards.

Interesting features about the Waterproof Outdoor Waist Bag:

  • The waist bag is designed to be comfortable but highly durable & waterproof so it can be used for tough activities such as hiking, caving, fishing, mountain climbing & etc.

  • Product comes with 5 different colors (Black / Orange / Green / Rose / Blue).

  • Able to fit any smartphone that is no bigger than 6 inch. Also comes with an earphone cable hole for you to listen to music.

  • The waist bag is meant for unisex, works both for male & female since the belt is adjustable

(Warning: The waist bag may be waterproof-certified but it is not designed to be used underwater or come into continuous contact with water. Do not immerse the product into water.)


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Package includes : 1x Waterproof Outdoor Waist Bag
Material                 : Pvc coated nylon
Size                       : 15cm x 8cm x 3cm (5.91in x 3.15in x 1.18in)