Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Router (802.11N/B/G compatible)

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Your ultimate solution to amplify Wi-Fi coverage signal at home!  

Don’t you hate it when you can’t get a good Wi-Fi signal when you are too far from the source? You know what’s worse than having no internet? That’s right, it’s the snail-like pace network speed due to unstable coverage once you are outside the range. The Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Router is here to eliminate such issues, effectively doubling your current coverage of your Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your house or office regardless if you are one floor above or below & even your backyard.

Technical specification for the Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Router:

  • Product can be used for 3 different mode depending on your requirement and usage.

  • AP function: Create a wireless internet access point connection for your laptops & mobile devices.

  • Repeater function: Amplify your internet signal to your wireless devices (Make sure the product is placed in between your wireless router & wireless device for best effect. Refer to image guide below for more info).

  • Adhoc function: Create a private Wi-Fi network just to share your own wireless devices.

  • Product complies with IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g & IEEE 802.11b standards with wireless transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps. 

(Note: Don't forget to pick your compatible socket type before purchasing to avoid any inconvenience, thank you)

Detailed guide on using the repeater/extender function

Guide on placing the best area for the Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Router


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Package includes    : 1x Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater Router
Color                        : White
Dimension                : 11cm x 6cm x 7cm
Weight                      : 227 grams
Frequency range      : 2.4-2.4835 GHz
Transmission power : 14 ~17 dBm
Power supply unit     : 100V-240V AC